Choose your Hosting Type

Tip: If you want to build your website using WordPress. We generally recommend that you stick to the Managed WordPress Hosting. You would then simply add on a domain name , an email package, and SSL for your website. Unless you know specifically what you need this is the recommended option.

What is hosting, and why I need it?

When your computer accesses a website, you computer connects to another computer on the internet that has the website information on it.

A good analogy would be: The host is the house or apartment that the website lives in.

There are many different types of servers to host your website from. Depending on the number of guests that will be visiting you, you may need more resources to contain and serve the guests comfortably.

This is were we get into resource needs. How do you know how much resources you need?

We recommend that if you are just starting out, you start with the smallest package and work your way up as you grow. This allows you to same money by not purchasing unnecessary hosting resources.

If you see that your website is growing, and your services are slowing down, or if you get an alert that you are running out of resources, then at that point you can always upgrade.

What is Web Hosting